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I went with The Supporters Section to Cuba and made so many great new friends. This is the best way to support Canadian teams.

Barbara D. – Toronto

I didn’t watch many sports, but after my friends went with The Supporters Section it has me hyped up to start going to games.  Go Canada Go!!

John Q. – Mississauga

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We’re focused on getting fans of Canadian sports to the game.

At The Supporters Section we are fans first and our goal is to provide a single spot where fans of all our national teams and athletes can find information about upcoming games and events from Archery to Wakeboarding.

The Supporters Section offers experiential group travel with a sports focus in a fun, social atmosphere. Whether the game is in Saskatoon, Toronto or overseas,  The Supporters Section wants to make sure Canadian athletes and teams are supported by a sea of red fans.

We are breaking the myth that Canadians are quiet and reserved and allow you to bust out your nationalistic pride to support your country.

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